Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Collective Haul - Flormar, Revlon, random skincare and shoes!

These are a couple of things I picked up at the mall while there for completely non-shopping purposes. Me +  money + mall = buying things I never thought I needed.

I've only recently started really wearing make-up on a regular basis and going beyond just eyeliner and mascara. Lipstick is probably my favourite type of make-up item but since I would never wear it, I never bought it. Well that's changed. I bought TWO this month!

Let me just show you and list out the stuff I got. :)

Check out my  cheap, girly, department store sheets. Pretty right?

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick in Cherries in the Snow. (Around Dhs33 on sale at Beauty Bay) Whoa whoa whoa this colour is so gorgeous! It's a deep almost-red pink that is so juicy and lush. I haven't worn it yet so no idea how it feels on the lips. 

Flormar Supermatte Lipstick in Shade 209 (Around Dhs25 at Al Ghurair mall kiosk near food court). A very pretty rosy pink that I feel looks too mauve of my lips. I have pretty pigmented lips so I guess that's why it comes of purple-y, but it still looks good. Also, it's not a very matte lipstick.

(Left) Revlon Cherries in the Snow, (Right) Flormar Supermatte 209
Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless (Around Dhs35-40 on sale at Beauty Bay). Really good mascara. Makes my lashes look long and separated. The rubber brush takes some getting used to though.
Behold, my superior editing skills. Not.

Flormar Nail Enamel in 431 is so gorgeous I can't stop looking at it while it's on. It's a shimmery bright blue that is so beautiful in the sunlight.

Flormar Pretty in P22 is a minty green, a shade that I've been wanting ever since Essie Mint Candy Apple came into existence. Could never get that so I got this.

The Face Shop PK101. A lovely rose pink that is very muted and classy.
Couldn't find any non-creased paper to swatch these on. But you get the point.

Freeman Feel Beautiful Pineapple Facial Enzyme Mask. I've used it twice till now and it's been OK. Smells kinda funny when it's on but it has AHAs which are supposedly good for blackheads, which I have plenty of. They've got to go, ya know!

The Face Shop Clean Face Sebum Control Soothing Mask Sheet and some samples that I have not used yet.

(Can't remember prices for any of the nail polishes or skincare items! Whoops.)


*sigh* I've bought three shoes this month, none of which I have worn out yet. My reasons for buying them were 1) They were super cute 2) They were soooo cheap! What other excuses are there?

These ones are from this shop called Shoe Express that sells some pretty cheap shoes. I got these for just Dhs29 on sale. They're a little frumpy but I think it's cute.

I knew what I was getting myself into when I entered Brands For Less (my favourite store). I tried to prepare myself but when I saw these shoes I just had to get them.

These are the Calvin Klein Olive pumps. I think they're supposed to be office shoes and they are a half size too big for me. Still think they look pretty sexaaay. Very librarian chic.

I bought another pair of platform wedges from Forever 21 but I left them at a friend's house and haven't gotten it back yet.

Let's hope I don't buy anymore shoes until my next blog post. *fingers crossed*


  1. Is the Revlon lipstick matte? It looks matte :/ I've got a Revlon matte lipstick in red and have been meaning to get a nice pink.
    The mint green polish is fabulous! It's such a nice color and goes well with brown skin I think. When I see Essie colors I just love to stare (since I can't afford them HA!) how much did you get the Flormar one for?
    Your reasons for buying shoes is LEGIT! You're not the only one don't worry.
    Those pink block heels are lovely. Frumpy is as frumpy feels and I'm sure you'll be anything but that. Great steal!
    And as much as I don't want you to spend too much money on pretty things, I'm loving your shoe-finds!

    1. It's actually a cream finish but I think if you blot it well it might look matte.
      The mini Flormar polish was 7 bucks if I remember right. All their products are so cheap and very good quality.
      Thanks! I totally need to get a grip on my shoe buying though. It's getting a bit excessive considering I rarely ever wear them. :P

  2. That mask looks awesome, I'd love to try it out.

    1. You should! It's not expensive at all so you won't feel bad if you don't like it. :P

  3. I have the rimmel mascara and I bloody love it, it makes my lashes so long, I always go over them with a brush though to make sure I get rid of any clumps!

    1. I actually prefer the Rimmel Scandal Eyes mascara because it gives me more of a curl. But this is really nice too.

  4. How much was the Flormar nailpolish in AED?


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