Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Shoes I've been coveting

*sigh* If I could afford to buy shoes every week, I would. I love looking at them, buying them, wearing them (even when I feel like they might kill me) and showing them off. If my day has gone bad or I'm feeling kinda blue I even walk around the house in a pair of heels to cheer me up (it works, I swear). 

Alas, I am just a normal girl and my shoe wish list is always longer than the shoes-I-can-afford-right-now list. These are a couple of heels that I've been staring at longingly online for a while now. *fingers crossed* I will someday own them.

These Zara heels are super minimalist and a great way to get with the strappy, summer sandal trend. I have actually wanted these for ages and might just buy it this month and deal with the financial consequences later! 

These Asos pumps are a bit pricey for me but that edgy metallic heel is too awesome to resist. I hope stocks for these shoes last until I can bloody afford it!

I'm trying to be better with my shoe choices because most of my heels are sky-high platforms that I can't wear without thinking about it 10 times. This low, casual wedge would go well with so many things and won't need me to be seated in order to be comfortable.

What shoes are your wearing or coveting these day? Leave a comment below! :)