Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Asos Curve Wishlist - All dressed up

I love a good dress. You can just put one on and feel 10 times prettier and just happier. Unfortunately, I rarely ever get a chance to wear dresses. This does not stop me from putting loads of dresses into my Asos saved list every month. 

Here are 6 of my favourite Asos Curve dresses at the moment:

ASOS CURVE Lace Dress With Off The Shoulder: The colour, the cut, the lace. UGH this dress is so freaking hot perfect in every way. 

ASOS CURVE Bodycon Dress In Mirror Floral Print: As a fat girl bodycon is pretty scary. But I would honestly brave showing off my chubby belly and hips just for this pretty floral number.

ASOS CURVE Smock Dress In Toile de Jouy Print: I am (mostly) a girly girl and I adore the pretty print and smock cut. I would wear it exactly like this, with tan boots/shoes for a simple summery outfit.

ASOS CURVE Shift Dress In Animal Print: Awesome print! Bright yet not too loud. Would definitely wear this over and over again.

ASOS CURVE Pencil Dress With Ruched Wrap: If you thought the first teal dress was sexy then this is off-the-charts HOT. Can't wait to get paid and buy this!

ASOS CURVE Swing Dress In Kaleidescope Lace: This dress screams I WANT TO DRINK MOJITOS AND DANCE ON THE BEACH! White lacy prettiness. Love love love.

Can we also talk about how gorgeous this model is? Although I doubt she is actually a size 20 like the website says she is. That discussion is for a whole different post though!

Hope you liked my wishlist. What items are in yours Asos saved list?


  1. These are all so lovely!! I especially love the shift dress in animal print and the swing dress in kaleidoscope lace. Gorrr-jus!
    I don't have an Asos wish list but I sure as hell want to start one now!

    1. Hahaha it is the traaaap! Asos makes such beautiful clothes, it's hard not to have a wish list full of them.


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