Tuesday, 11 June 2013

5 TV shows I love

At any given point of time, I will be watching 2-3 TV shows and forgetting that I actually have a life to live and things to do. I absolutely love finding new TV shows to start watching even if I have to marathon-watch 3 seasons in one week to catch up with the new episodes.

I recently finished watching some pretty cool shows and wanted to share them with the Internet because I have no friends to gush about them to.


(Possible spoilers ahead)


I started watching this show only recently and I think it is pure genius!

Olivia always looking fly in white.

Kerry Washington’s character, Olivia Pope, is so bad-ass and the story line keeps you on edge at all times. Basically, Pope used to work in the White House but she left and started a new firm that “fixes” mostly rich people’s problems. No other show has squeezed out THIS many loud OMGs and WTFs. You can ask my roommate.

I also love how so many shows now have female leads and main characters. The show also has a gay couple that is not some kind of inclusive-trophy but actual characters with real couple problems and issues.
It’s fast, exciting and the season finale was just...whuuuuut.

Orphan Black

Sarah, bb, you need to keep your sisters in check.

To be honest, I was not expecting much from Orphan Black. I found it doing a Google search for new shows to watch and I’d never heard of it before. Now I can’t stop telling people to watch it.

Has a brilliant sci-fi story line that is not completely ridiculous. Tatiana Maslany does an amazing job at playing all the different clones. Every one’s personality comes through so well that you might not even realise they’re all being played by the same person. I think she is going to win ALL THE AWARDS for her roles. I love her!

The Mindy Project

You might be wondering if I only watch female led shows. I promise I don’t! But even if I did I would be fine because I’ve got my thriller/dramas and my comedy all set.
Can I have all of Mindy's clothes and shoes in the show? Please.

AAAAHHHHHH an Indian character that is not a silly caricature with a weird accent! *crickets*
The world didn’t fall apart so let’s move on.
I wish I didn't have to get all serious about it but can I just say how good it feels to see a brown, larger-than-normal woman on TV who OWNS her identity? If feels gooooooooooood.

My Mad Fat Diary

FATTIES UNITE! I’m a fat chick and I follow a bajillion plus-size fashion bloggers. So I definitely got a little excited when I saw that there was a show about a fat teenager.
LOVED this episode!

Rae, the lead character, has just left a psychiatric hospital and is trying to fit back into her old life. It’s funny, sad and sometimes really touching.
I can see a bit of myself in Rae and understand the feelings she has about her body. I love the way the show’s writers/creators have treated her weight and not made it about becoming thin and changing into a ~better human being~.

Last but not the least,

Game of Thrones

The recent episodes really got me interested in the reading the books so I told my sister to get the first two books in the ‘A Song of Ice and Fire’ series from India when she was coming to the UAE for a visit.

Then I watched The Rains of Castamere.


I might have to burn the books. That episode was DEVASTATING!

Anyhoo, I love this show no matter how many times it has broken my heart.

What are your favourite shows right now? Should I watch them? Tell me things, people!


  1. I'd love to check out Game of Thrones!

    1. You definitely should. :) It's pretty brilliant.

  2. I loveeeee the mindy project, I watched the one the other day at her Xmas party too funny!! I want to watch it from the start xx

    1. I love her sense of humour. I can't wait for the next season!


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